• If you love your job, get compensated well and have more than enough money to cover your bills and to spring for some extra leisure activities as well, then consider yourself lucky.  Let’s face it, however: most of us need the extra money and often find ourselves stuck in a job, which we barely tolerate because we have to pay our bills.  So, often we have something on the side (get your mind out of the gutter) that keeps us sane and helps us unwind like, reading a book, writing, listening to music, watching TV or playing an instrument.  Now imagine this; someone out there is getting paid to do the very thing that you call a hobby.  Imagine that!  Wouldn’t you love turn your play time into pay time?  Here are some things that can help you do it:

    Get Good at What You Like – No one really wants to pay for someone who’s just average at a certain skill.  So, do your diligence, continue to grow and hone your skills so someone will say, “Wow, I need to see more of that!”  That’s when you will start seeing the money.

    Prepare a Business Plan and Resume – Your resume and complete business plan should always be up-to-date.  Include your experience, skills you possess and what you’ve already done with them.  Don’t leave people guessing.  They want someone who’s prepared, has a plan and knows exactly what they want.  Combined with your passion for what you activity, you’ll sail over the competition.

    Find the Demand – Seek out where your skills can be useful and how they would benefit other people.  This works for both starting your own company as well as applying to work for others.  If you can make them money with your skills then they will be more than happy to pay you.

    Be Ready to Perform – This is the most important piece of the puzzle, which people often miss.  You should always have samples with you to show people what you can do and how it can be applied to their line of work.  You never know who you might meet and if you’ll ever have the opportunity to present to them again.  If you’re on the bench and get called to play in the game, you better be ready to perform well and fit right in with the other players.  Otherwise, they’ll move on to someone else.

    The key is to not be shy.  Always keep your finger on the pulse of your passion.  Unfortunately, no one is going to come to your living room and ask you to show them what you can do.  Trust me; I have plenty of friends who sit around on their couch and are still waiting.  You have to “put yourself out there” and promote yourself to show people what you can do.  Not just because you’re good, but because they might not have a clue of how your skills can benefit them.  It’s not going to happen by you just sitting there and dreaming about it. Immerse yourself in the world that you dream of and take the initiative to make it your payday!