• I’ve reached that point in my pregnancy when it is obvious that I am indeed pregnant and not just awkwardly gaining weight. It is a moment of both joy, and dread. Sure, people no longer think I need to step up the exercising, and no longer judge me when I want ice cream for breakfast.

    However, they now think it is perfectly acceptable to rub up on my growing belly. I know not everyone feels this way, but I hate it when people do this. Just because I am pregnant I am not public property. What possesses complete strangers to touch my belly is a mystery that I fear I will never solve.

    If you, like me, hate the belly rubs do not despair! There is always hope. Try rubbing their bellies back once they finish rubbing yours. It may be rude, but it gets the point across, and seriously they were rude first! With my second pregnancy I had a shirt that said, “Please Don’t Touch, Baby is Sleeping.” Oh how I miss that shirt. I passed it along, but really wish I didn’t.

    You can always tell people that your doctor suggests that no one touch your stomach. You can even claim to be allergic to physical contact. Funny on so many levels. All humor aside, there isn’t much you can to to avoid these well meaning love pats. Aside from the polite step away, or quick explanation that you don’t like it.

    Most people will think you’re crazy, but will respect your wishes anyway. Those who don’t? Well, they deserve a good return pat and rub on their belly. You can even ask them when they are due. If all else fails, do your very best to stand just out of arms reach at all times.