• With my family’s Disney vacation just around the corner, I am starting to contemplate what we are going to eat while we are there. I tend to be someone who has to care about eating healthy, so I cannot deny that I am concerned. I would really like to go on our vacation and not gain 10 pounds. In addition to my own concerns I really don’t love the idea of my kids eating crud for a week either. I know I cannot be the only one.

    The easiest way to ensure you eat healthy inside of the Disney parks would be to pack your own food. This of course takes the most advanced preparation. It can be extremely difficult if you fly in and don’t actually have a car to hit up a grocery store. It is also no doubt a hassle to carry around your food. Especially if your family is large.

    It is pretty easy now to find carts full of fresh fruit to curb your hunger

    Luckily for us, Disney has started adding healthier options throughout their parks. It is pretty easy now to find carts full of fresh fruit to curb your hunger. This is an amazing improvement over the candy and ice cream that was around when I was growing up. When we head to Disney I always bring snacks I know my kids love, granola, nuts, and fruit snacks, and then we supplement with the healthier snacks around the park.

    As for the main courses, lunch and dinner, this can be done relatively healthy as well. My family always makes our reservations fairly early before we head out, so I know where and when we are eating. This gives me the time to peruse their online menu and come up with a game plan. At least I can come up with and idea of what I should and should not be eating.

    Another thing that has greatly helped me be successful at visiting the parks each year and not gaining a million pounds has been allowing myself to splurge. Sounds crazy, I know. If I know for example, that on a certain day I am eating at a place that is sure to have a fantastic dessert I can plan for it. It becomes easier in my mind to pass on the junk the days before knowing that my sweet tooth will be satisfied. You can plan on one treat a day if you want. It might help you eat healthier throughout the rest of the day!