• It is a lot of work to be a parent. Any arguments there? I thought not. Is it also rewarding? Yes. Fun? Yes. Tiring? Exhausting! Some days I don’t get much time to myself, as in ten minutes is a luxury. On those days, I take a shower and lock the door and that is my time. Remember the commercial, Calgon take me away? I get it now. I really do.

    Last week I was having an especially hectic day with everyone needing my attention and time. Nonstop. In the evening I took five minutes to myself to shower. (I know it is supposed to be two since there is a drought but considering I hadn’t showered the day before, I figured it was balancing out). My mistake? I forgot to lock the door. At some point every member of my family came in there asking me for something. No joke! Even the baby crawled in crying for me. I vowed to make sure to take more time for myself the next day and every day.

    I woke up extra early and went to a yoga class. Let me tell you, I never thought a yoga class would feel like a luxury. Boy has my perspective changed. I had an entire hour and a half to think about nothing but myself. It almost felt narcissistic. The yoga class was strengthening, relaxing, and even empowering at times. The best part, when I came home, I was excited to see my kids, really listened because I was feeling very present in the moment, after having had time to myself. Later that morning, when the baby dropped his fork onto my toe, I yelled, SHH…SHAVASANA (for those of who are not familiar, it’s a component of yoga that promotes homeostasis and allows you to release emotional and physical tension)! See, yoga really does have its benefits.