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Grandparents: How to Irritate Your Children & In-Laws

* Comment at least five times a day how the baby is not warm enough and needs more layers.  Make sure this is said during a heat wave. Then during a snowstorm, comment on how overdressed the baby appears to … read more

Becoming a Big Sister or Brother

I was asked by a newer mom how to handle the reaction and transition of the elder sibling when her new baby would be born.  Since I have done this twice now with little upset to the elder sibling, I … read more

Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are upon us and so is the junk food.  Oh joy! Gingerbread cookies, Christmas pudding, candy canes, Channukah gelt, latkes, and so on.  Since it would be too challenging to say no to all of these delicious goodies … read more

Don’t Just Stand There

This past Sunday, my 11 year-old son and I went roller blading down at Venice Beach boardwalk.  We love to “people watch” and, believe me, that place has more than its share of diversity (more like weirdos).  We observed a … read more

Letter to the Editor: More Manners Please

I once read an article which interviewed a British man responding to why his children were so well behaved compared to their American counterparts.  His response was simple, “Because we expect them to be well-behaved”. Recently, while at the library, … read more

Don’t Give Up Parenting

This past weekend my family and I attended a Relationship Workshop, in Santa Barbara, California with some friends from our church.  The theme for the retreat was Family Dynamics, so everyone was encouraged to bring their children.  It was quite … read more

My Kid Sucks at Sports

Coming to the realization that your child is not good at sports can be hard for many parents to accept.  I was reminded of that this past Saturday night as I attended my 12 year-old son’s basketball game.  He’s in an … read more

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