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Tips to Prevent and Treat Mosquitoe Bites

In this politically correct day and age, am I allowed to declare my hatred for mosquitoes? I haven’t met anyone who claims to like them nor would they be upset if they were on our endangered species list. They live … read more

Birthday Parties – Lowering the Bar

In our family, birthday parties for our children kinda suck. Yes, I admit it. They are plain and boring with money spent only on good quality food. We don’t hire the magician, we don’t order $200 in mylar helium balloons … read more

Raise Your Own Children

This past week, I had the pleasure of volunteering, as a teacher’s assistant, in my son’s 4th-grade class. It was part of our school’s mandatory 20-hour volunteer program, in which each family needs to participate. I wanted to get it … read more

A Walk Around the Block

Often, I need to walk my children around outside as we don’t have a backyard. I have been doing this for years. I used to joke that it felt like I was walking the dog around the block. They need … read more

Taking Back Sundays

Pasar el dia is one way to say picnic in Spanish. It means to pass the day. I love this particular expression because it suggests that nothing else has to be done for that day. I envision a lazy Sunday … read more

Got Grit?

Not as in a way to measure the sand on your sandpaper. Rather, there is a psychological term to describe a person’s innate ability to overcome challenges, resulting in their being more influential and more successful, than their contemporaries, in … read more

Things to do for Grandparents

Grandparents, for the most part, can be wonderful. There are many different kinds of grandparents, young and vibrant ones, older feeble ones. The ones who babysit, the storytellers, the educators of family histories, the affectionate ones, the ones who spoil … read more

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