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Hype and Healthcare of Designer Dolls

I’m still not sure why we buy into the hype of designer dolls, but kids all over the world just have to have them.  My daughter’s (insert expensive brand-name) doll was recently hospitalized due to a broken leg and severed … read more

The Happy in Mother’s Day

Recently I was at a dinner party and overheard a conversation that caught my attention for many reasons. Mainly because the conversation was riddled with insecurities, insults and defensiveness, which most likely, neither side intended. I imagined what these mommy’s … read more

A Tale of Two Cities…at War

After hearing a blurb on the radio, my elementary-school-aged child innocently asked me, “Daddy, why are they fighting?” ME:  Z wants the land and X wants the land. They both want to be in charge of the same area. CHILD: … read more

Painting Rooms – The Psychology of Colors

A friend of mine recently renovated and painted her house. Everything looked beautiful. However, her children began to fight a lot more. She couldn’t figure it out when she had taken such care to decorate their room with whimsical fabrics, … read more

Mothering Nature

My daughter is part of a once a week cooperative preschool in which we meet outdoors, away from the noise of the city. The children play, without using toys, props, tools or other artificial stimuli. Nature is their guide, their … read more

The Odds your Child will Attend College

There is a teacher at my son’s school who has her work tables sectioned off by university names. Some are named for Ivy League schools and some are named after state schools. Various calibers of schools are fairly represented. I … read more

Make Your Own News

Being a mother of four, I seem to never have time to listen, read or watch the news. As a matter of fact, I would be completely clueless about what’s going on, in the outside world, if it weren’t for … read more

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