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If You Play You’re Going to Pay

My 12 year-old daughter went to a birthday party last night for one of her classmates. The party started pretty late on a Sunday night, so I wasn’t very “gung ho” about her going altogether. None the less, it was … read more

Avoid Getting Ripped-off on Home Repairs

I’m writing this as I stand here in my lopsided shower, the result of a botched home repair that my husband hired someone to do. He brought someone from his office who also happens be a “part-time” contractor. He got … read more

Show Them Disgusting Behavior

My husband had this annoying eating habit of fist-grabbing his silverware whenever he sat down at the table for a  meal. I hated it and it bothered me to no end. Imagine how I felt when we had guests over. … read more

Write It, Don’t Type It

“I love you”. Most people still appreciate the value of these words when handwritten as opposed to typed font. Kids appreciate reading their parents’ writing. I remember my parents’ handwritten notes in my lunch box (it was also fun and … read more

Fake Estate, Real Estate

It’s a sham! Homes aren’t affordable to the working class or even the upper middle class. Renters too. In big cities it seems that rent has become as expensive and daunting as buying a home. For me, I just want … read more

Let it Go

Not as in the song. (Talk about an earworm – I am still humming that song and I haven’t heard it in two whole days. But I digress). This article is about letting clutter go. How to really once and … read more

Be Good, Do Good, See Good

I was driving past a familiar spot where there are usually panhandlers asking for money at the freeway exit.  This time there was no one there.  Instead, there was a message written with rolled up newspaper tucked into the chain … read more

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