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Egging your Neighbors

Last year, near Easter, our house got egged. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. It turns out it was a friend of our daughter’s. Without us knowing they came to our house and hid a handful of eggs … read more

Is Anyone Patriotic Anymore?

If I hear another person bad-mouth military service, while in the same breath talk about how patriotic they are, then I’m just going to explode. Of course, this is not the case everywhere, but I’m talking about your typical 4th … read more

Stop Killing Everyone around You!!!

As I pulled up to the red light with my four kids in tow, I looked over to the car immediately to my right, which was also held up at the light. They had two small kids in the car, … read more

Ten Reasons Cheaters Are Willing to Risk it All

Last week my husband and I went to our children’s parent-teacher conferences. While there I ran into an old classmate of mine, Karla, who I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. We started chatting and as I pointed out my … read more

8 Reasons Why I Keep My House Clean

Throughout my adult life my idea of clean has drastically changed. I have had seasons of a relatively cluttered home, followed by seasons of one that is immaculate. Lately however, I am leaning more towards a more clean home. That … read more

Colored Play Foam

My kids, like most their ages, love a good hands on craft. They love learning and playing by doing and touching. We go through quite a bit of play dough over here. Every once in a while I do my … read more

“Must Have” Baby Gear – Not

I always hated that statement. Must have. Because let us all be honest here, there really is not a whole lot that is a “must have.” The lists all the baby suspestores give you are ridiculous. You absolutely do not … read more

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