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Musical Instruments and Brain Development

Okay, so we always believed that playing an instrument at a young age was healthy for our children. While at a 2013 Neuroscience conference, with my psychologist husband, new research shed light on how playing an instrument fosters plasticity in … read more

Storytime is More Than Just a Story

Sometimes young children don’t want to discuss what is bothering them directly with a parent.  They may tell one spouse and not the other, and may even talk to a friend or some other family member.  None the less, for … read more

Infant Baby Massage

A newborn doesn’t move much.  The only circulation a baby receives is when he cries and perhaps from some light kicking and arm motions. So sometimes you have to get hem moving to get that blood circulating.  Test a small … read more

Take Back Your Music Playlist

Are you tired of hearing the Frozen soundtrack for the millionth time? Tired of singing Wheels on the Bus? Me too! The first few years of kid’s music were tolerable. But not anymore, I can’t take it and I really … read more

No More Listening to the News

I don’t watch or listen to the news when my children are awake – the images are too violent for their innocent eyes and ears. Instead, I listen to NPR or other news radio while cooking a meal in the … read more

Sensory Play: A DIY Shape & Color Sorter

Since birth, babies are wired to explore the world through their five senses. As they grow, from smelling their first flower, to dipping their finger into ketchup and tasting it for the first time, to feeling the texture of laces … read more

Maybe Someone Else Would Be a Better Father?

During my husband’s recent 20-year high school reunion, which I dreaded having to attend, we got to making some small talk with one of his old high school buddies, Anderson, with whom he hasn’t spoken in over ten years. Andy … read more

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