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Everything Must Go: Tales of a Clean-up Fairy

Everywhere I turned, there was something to clean up. Toys, arts and crafts supplies, clothing and so on. I tried getting toy organizers, baskets, cabinets. I tried nagging the kids to clean up. I tried offering rewards via a chore … read more

When to Give In

As I’m waiting for my daughter at her gymnastics practice, along with 12 other parents in the confines of a small and stuffy waiting room, I’m distracted by a screaming 6 year-old child sitting directly behind me. “GIVE ME A … read more

Everything Comes at a Price

Recently I had the unfortunate honor of being the conservator of my 62 year old uncle who had no children and was hospitalized after suffering from a cardiac arrest, along with other medical problems. He was in and out of … read more

Schedule Activities or they Won’t Happen

A good friend of mine called me this past week and said that she was interested in writing a book. She thought of me because she knew that I had done some writing in the past and she wanted to … read more

Can I Buy Some of Your Time?

My wife recently came up to me and asked if she could buy some of my time. I wasn’t sure what she meant, but she explained that it was the only way that she could get me to focus on … read more

Recycling Scavenger Hunt

This past weekend was my son’s seventh birthday and we decided to have his party at one of the local parks. That way the kids don’t destroy our house and they have much more room to run around. One of … read more

What’s in a Title?

I hate titles and despise people who wear their degrees on their sleeve (sometimes literally) like some badge of honor for which they expect others to bow down to them or extend them some special courtesy or doting respect, which far exceed the expectations of everyone else. Well, … read more

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