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Sensory Play: A DIY Shape & Color Sorter

Since birth, babies are wired to explore the world through their five senses. As they grow, from smelling their first flower, to dipping their finger into ketchup and tasting it for the first time, to feeling the texture of laces … read more

Maybe Someone Else Would Be a Better Father?

During my husband’s recent 20-year high school reunion, which I dreaded having to attend, we got to making some small talk with one of his old high school buddies, Anderson, with whom he hasn’t spoken in over ten years. Andy … read more

Napping – Not Just for Kids

I don’t know if the birds or bees do it. But cats definitely do it. So do many Europeans, as well as the Spaniards – who call it a siesta. I do it. My kids do it. It’s the ultimate … read more

Pregnancy: Doulas Don’t Just Give Back Massages

I used to think that doulas were an upper class luxury. I thought their main purpose was to be available to massage a laboring woman’s lower back, at a ridiculously high price. I was very wrong. After giving birth to … read more

Emotional Bullying at School

When we hear the words bullying at school, we think of children threatening each other physically, taking lunch money, knocking down books – -stuff like that. There is another type of bullying, and it’s not new. However, awareness of it … read more

Motivating Kids for the New School Year

Prepare Two Weeks Prior to the Start of School: Do nothing for two weeks before school starts. Seriously. Bore your kids so silly so that they will be excited to see friends and play at recess. Sounds manipulative? It is. … read more

Who Needs a Mentor? Everyone!

When I wanted to break into the internet business, I had no idea of where to start or who to turn to for direction. I knew that I loved writing and if there was a any chance that I could … read more

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