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Raising Children to be Hungry for Success

I hear concerns from parents, on both ends of the socioeconomic spectrum, who worry about their children lacking motivation or the desire to pursue their studies or a career. It often leads to frustration and parents wondering what they did … read more

Outdoor Dining: Forced Portion Control

A few weeks ago, an old friend invited our family over for dinner, which turned out to be a festive cultural experience. It was during their holiday of Succoth (the Jewish holiday of Tabernacles), so we got to eat in … read more

It Pays to Eat Healthy

I have relatives who scoff at my organic, BPA-free, grassfed, natural, label-reading, healthy way of eating. They can’t go as far as calling me a crunchy, granola-eating hippie because, A)  I don’t eat granola – the oats haven’t been soaked … read more

Waste Not, Want Not

I would like to allow my children to explore their creativity without stifling boundaries. So I bite my tongue when I see them taking sheets of paper, drawing one letter on it, and taping them to the wall to spell … read more

Traveling Tips: Packing Light for a Family

My family of five went on a month-long adventure around Europe with two suitcases. That’s right, two suitcases! One was filled halfway with diapers and gifts we were bringing to friends and family. In front of us in line at … read more

Talking to Children about Drugs and Alcohol

At dinner last night, my seven year old asked me for a glass of wine. I panicked. Just last week she asked me for a cup of coffee. Should I be worried? Are these signs of her addictive future foreshadowed … read more

Loosey Goosey Stretching

I am getting older, my body becoming stiffer, creaks happening in joints that once moved fluidly through their daily motions. Yikes!  Methinks I need to stretch more. But when and how? I can fit in the occasional weekly yoga class. … read more

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