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Got Grit?

Not as in a way to measure the sand on your sandpaper. Rather, there is a psychological term to describe a person’s innate ability to overcome challenges, resulting in their being more influential and more successful, than their contemporaries, in … read more

Things to do for Grandparents

Grandparents, for the most part, can be wonderful. There are many different kinds of grandparents, young and vibrant ones, older feeble ones. The ones who babysit, the storytellers, the educators of family histories, the affectionate ones, the ones who spoil … read more

The Anti-Cheat Sheet

It’s natural and even healthy for every human being to have a voracious sexual appetite. However, when you’re married or in a committed relationship the sex can become routine or your desires are not being fulfilled by your spouse and … read more

Why I Go to Yoga

It is a lot of work to be a parent. Any arguments there? I thought not. Is it also rewarding? Yes. Fun? Yes. Tiring? Exhausting! Some days I don’t get much time to myself, as in ten minutes is a … read more

Cleaner Breathing

A student at my daughter’s school did a science project about air pollution. The child tested the air quality by taking paper plates with glue on them and placing them in various parts of the home, neighborhood and even city … read more

Manipulation through Kindness

I know it’s totally cliche, but I never seem to do anything right in the eyes of my mother-in-law. I’ve heard her concerns and complaints and fortunately, have developed a thick skin to were it doesn’t bother me anymore. At … read more

Hype and Healthcare of Designer Dolls

I’m still not sure why we buy into the hype of designer dolls, but kids all over the world just have to have them.  My daughter’s (insert expensive brand-name) doll was recently hospitalized due to a broken leg and severed … read more

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