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What if…?

What if I lost my job and couldn’t support my family? What if we moved to another country and my kids were miserable? What if we bought a house and it turned out to be a horrible investment? What if … read more

No Parents Allowed

We recently moved to the “other side of town” in Los Angeles and decided to try a new gymnastics facility, which is a little closer to home.  Our current facility is great but the commute was killing us.  It’s about … read more

Family Peer Pressure

This past weekend my family and I went down to visit our cousins in Palm Springs.  We don’t get to see them often and had planned to sleep there overnight since we were scheduled to have a late dinner and … read more

The Trick to Making Good Habits Stick

Many of us, including myself, know exactly what is good for us and what we should be doing.  We’ve read the series, “Eat This, Not That” and have a pretty good idea of how to live healthy.  None the less, we … read more

Leave Your Sick Kids at Home

I have a pet peeve with some of my fellow parents, who are bringing their sick and likely contagious children to public places. Common sense tells us to keep kids in bed when they are sick. Yet, over the years, … read more

My Friends Don’t Have to Be Your Friends

My daughter played with a regular group of her toddler friends and even kept some of them after kindergarten.  Somewhere along the way, she drifted apart from some of her friends. Simply put, they no longer like one another.  However, … read more

Now Who’s Afraid of the Dentist?

I know of a local dentist who cleans young children’s teeth one quadrant per visit so that if they start crying, they stop the cleaning and the child returns again so that the children don’t grow up fearing the dentist. … read more

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