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The Superbug and Antibiotics

My family recently went through a heavy bout of illness. Just a cold, I thought initially. After weeks of coughing and wheezing, maxing out school absences and really putting a wrench in our plans (we had to cancel a trip … read more

Knock Before Entering

In the early days of our marriage my husband noticed an unopened envelope from a credit card company sitting on the desk. It was addressed only to him. He asked why I didn’t open it to which I replied that … read more

Fun Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

One place I would love to go on St. Patrick’s Day is to Ireland and have a Guinness and listen to the bagpipes. Although these things have nothing to do with the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day. In actuality, March … read more

One Good Thing About In-Laws

Pretty much everyone has “issues” with their families, whether biological, adoptive or in-laws. They could be major but, more often than not, they are new world issues, meaning minor, or even, dare I say it, petty ones. Often, our own … read more

Blocking Children’s Internet Access

I just got back from an “emergency” assembly called by the principal and psychologist of my daughter’s school. It was for all the parents from her class (sixth grade) as they’ve recently had an epidemic of children who were bullying … read more

Signs Your Relationship Needs Professional Help

I had a yoga teacher who said that when she first got married, she and her husband fought the first year incessantly. They went to their spiritual guru who said, newlyweds fight a lot because they are getting used to … read more


Omega is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. The literal definition of the word is “great O” (Great Oils), ō mega, mega meaning ‘great.’ It can be so confusing these days when trying to figure out how … read more

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