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Whether you’re currently a single parent, about to be, or live like one because your spouse is hardly ever home, having to carry the load of two or more people can be tiring, stressful, and sometimes lonely. It’s not like parenting was a breeze to begin with, but it becomes more difficult when coupled with not having a partner with whom you can share the responsibilities. It’s totally manageable and can be extremely rewarding if you’re mentally, physically, and financially prepared.

Whether you’re a single parent by choice (adoption, surrogacy, etc.) or by circumstance (loss of a loved one, military, etc.) your ability to multi-task, prioritize, and take care of yourself will dictate whether you have a positive or negative experience. Many of the factors to consider are the same except now you have to spend more energy on getting emotional support, child care, and having a social life. Some people forego the latter (social life) to give their children all of their energy, however this not recommend, as ignoring your needs can lead to resentment, moodiness, and other problems.

This section was created to provide a social support network along with self-help tips to not only manage your experience but to also emphasize ways you can enjoy it. The truth is that while it is difficult, sometimes being a single parent can be liberating since you may get to make more/all of the decisions, can eliminate or minimize negative influences, and possibly take on a new perspective on life. The key is to set goals to address your needs, balance your family and social life while remembering to have fun.