• I’m a mom. I have three kids. I struggle to find time for myself. I love to look cute like most moms out there. To help my cuteness I went for bangs a while back. Not the trendy side bangs, but the straight across kind. And I have to admit, I think it makes me look about ten years younger, which for a tired mom of three is a great thing. I tried  the old fashion way of letting them hang straight down while I cut straight across.  The problem was that I had to close my eyes while cutting, which didn’t turn out very well. It turns out that you actually have to see what you’re cutting. The biggest problem is the fact that bangs grow quickly. And I can’t find the time, nor the cash flow to continually head out to the salon to have them trim my bangs for me. So on a whim, I asked my stylist to show me how to do it on my own between visits. Honestly I expected her to laugh at me, but to my surprise she gave me the go ahead.

    Here is the wisdom she passed along to me.

    Step one, gather your bangs and style them as usual.

    Next grab your bangs tightly between your pointer and middle finger. Hold them tight! While holding them rotate your hand so that your fingers point at your nose. Carefully take your left hand and grab your bangs between your left hand pointer and middle finger. Continue the rotation around. Your bangs should be pulled tight, and be twisted so that the back of the bangs are facing forward.

    Now using good hair cutting shears (found at most beauty supply stores) get ready to cut. Take a deep breath. It will be okay, I promise. You will trim your bangs just under your left hand. Where you have your left hand will control how long your bangs are, so adjust the length as desired. I prefer my bangs to fall just above my eyes, so my left hand rests on the bridge of my nose while I trim. Now, don’t cut straight across. Instead point the shears toward the ceiling and cut up and into the hair. Make small little snips. Keep your left hand gripping the hair tight while snipping away. Go slow, and steady.

    Once you have trimmed all the way across release your bangs and check to see how they look. You might need to restyle them after holding them so tightly. Then voila! You have trimmed your own bangs!