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Imagine driving in a car with wheels made of solid stone. It would be pretty uncomfortable, I’d imagine, and definitely unsafe. On the other hand, in an effort to be original, try to come up with a design and shape that’s different than the traditional circle. It may look cool but wouldn’t be very practical in regards to the basic physics of movement. That’s why everyone uses the original design as a blueprint for all tires and wheels in use today. We learn what worked and what didn’t work for others to help us save time, money, and overall frustration. I’m sure anyone figure out and learn piano, physics, sports, and many other activities on their own. However, you’ll achieve peak performance faster, and if you have a coach. Just look at any professional athlete or performer out there. They always have someone there to help them improve their performance. At PlayDate.com, we believe that everyone can benefit from a coach and therefore encourage you to use our library of resources to find your match. While we are aware that you’re your first choice or perhaps not every resource will be your perfect match. We encourage learning from the process and not giving up until you find a person or program that suits your needs.

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