• Our world is absolutely one based on technology and I have to admit that it has it’s fair share of perks. However, with the freedom people sometimes feel expressing themselves online and on social media sites, it stands that we might want to really think about what we share about our children.

    On a more serious level, I never, ever share where my kids are.

    Please don’t misunderstand, I love sharing pictures of my kids on Facebook (though I’m cautious to erase the Metadata so our location cannot be traced), allowing my whole family the opportunity to see my kids grow up (they live 2,000 miles away!). I even get a kick about sharing their big milestones. But there has to be a line, for all of us. My line started with pictures of my ultrasound. I had several friends who posted theirs, and they were urging me to share mine. However, the way I saw it, I didn’t want anyone looking at my uterus. Some things should just remain private! Then shortly after I got stodgy about breastfeeding updates, I mean, does anyone really want to think about my breasts? More importantly, do I want them to be! Not a visual I care to share. Along those same lines, I’m not a fan of posting about my kids bowel movements. I don’t want to hear about your kid’s pooping habits, so I respectfully abstain talking about my kid’s poop.

    On a more serious level, I never, ever, share where my kids are. These days, predators have far more access to our lives and our children than I care to think about, so in my small attempt to keep them safe, I don’t discuss where they are. As far as the cyber world is concerned, they are ALWAYS at home safe with me. No reason to broadcast when they are walking home from a friend’s house, unsupervised (See our Playdate Internet Safety Tips).

    Another sharing habit that I see a ton of is people sharing when they are going on vacation. Updates like, “Here we come Arkansas.” is simple an advertisement for potential criminals to come and rob you blind. So the next time you go to post anything online, be sure to think twice, and think safe!