• Recently I sat around with a few of my girlfriends who are also expecting a baby soon. After gushing about our future babies, their clothes, nurseries, and our delivery plans we got on to a topic much more entertaining. Things that people have said to us while pregnant. So here is our list of things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

    “You’re due in August, do you know it’s hot in August?”

    1. 1. “Wow! You look just as big as my cousin Sue who is carrying twins!” Really, this is not nice and might earn you a pregnancy hormone induced slap.
    2. 2. “You have how many months left? You’re going to be so miserable!” Thank you. Really.
    3. 3. “Are you getting closer?” Nope, actually I was getting farther away from my due date.
    4. 4. “You’re due in August, do you know it’s hot in August?” or “You’re due in January, do you know it’s cold in January?” Believe it or not, but being pregnant does not block our memories about past summers and winters.
    5. 5. “You’re only six months pregnant? You’re huge!” Honestly, do you want us to hit you?
    6. 6. “You do know what causes pregnancy right?”
    7. 7. “Are you really going to eat all that?”
    8. 8. Anything that starts with, “When I was pregnant…” Or “When my wife/sister/cousin was pregnant….”

    Of course this is all said in fun, but there are things that you should always say to a pregnant woman! Such as:

    “You look radiant!”

    “I can’t believe you are already six months, you’re tiny!”

    Just to be safe perhaps you should just keep it at that.