• A Ladybugs NeighborhoodDespite the fact that this is November, here in our corner of the world we had clear blue sunny skies last week. And a temperature in the high 70s. So to celebrate our fabulous non-fall weather we loaded up our Radio Flyer and headed to the park.

    I am the type that is never left without a camera so of course we documented the whole trip. On the way Ladybug asked if she could take some pictures too. Thinking this would be a great way to see the world through the eyes of a four year old I agreed. This was such a fun project, and a nifty way to see her perspective.

    Who doesn’t love unexpected teaching moments?

    She has a talent for taking pictures of herself, and I can’t blame her she is cute! We also got some photos of shadows on the street. Which lead to an unexpected teaching moment for us, learning about how shadows were created and why some were short, others long.
    Someones shadowWho doesn’t love unexpected teaching moments? I adore them, so long as I know the answer without googling it. We had pictures of bugs, that we did google and then we learned all about them too. Who knew that our neighborhood park was crawling with little things that crawl? It was very rewarding to realize that doing something as simple as playing with a camera could lead to giving Ladybug a ton of new knowledge, and a love for photography as well.