• Let’s face it. Little kids are egocentric. They love themselves almost as much as we do.

    There is really nothing wrong with it, they might as well enjoy thinking about how much they rock before they learn it’s socially unacceptable. Or before they hit those teen years and change (or lose) their minds completely. I kid.

    Children need reinforcement to keep those feelings of general awesomeness alive. That’s why each year we create an “All About Me” book. I have each of my kids draw a picture of themselves, to the best of their ability.  Then we talk about what part of themselves they favor most. They talk about their favorite physical feature, I think it’s good for them to admire their appearance. I know, it’s a short trot to being vain, but I think it will help them love their bodies later. We write those down, then talk about their favorite personality traits. I also like to have them list things about their siblings too. At this point I like to ask the kids to draw a pictures of each thing we talk about. Other things I ask them, are their favorite foods, songs, books, television shows, movies, toys, places to visit, subject in school, friends, what they want to be when they grow up, etc. You get the idea! Once we have written all this down and done our best drawings of each picture we bind them together. Usually with a hole puncher and some yarn, or staples. I’m not that particular. Two things are accomplished here, first your child is learning to love them self, while focusing on the things they like about their siblings. Yay for positive talk! And the second thing is that you get this fantastic little creation made by your little kids that you can save forever. I imagine reading the answers at a wedding reception might prove to be a blast!