• I love spending time at the beach, but I detest sand. Okay, that’s not completely accurate.

    I don’t mind sand, and actually love the feel of it, as long as it stays on the beach. It’s the sand that attaches to me and my kids that I loathe. Even more disgusting is the sand that gets into everyone’s hair. I remember being a kid and getting sand in my hair at the beach, that stuff stayed there for days no matter he much I washed it. Pretty Gross!

    The sand sticks to the powder and then just falls right off

    This is why I an so glad to share my secret sand fighter. Here it is folks, baby powder. I can hear your gasps and see those eye rolls but I assure you this is no joke. Put a travel size talc baby powder in your beach bag for your next day out, and you will thank me.

    The process is simple, when you are finished enjoying your day at the beach and are back onto paved ground, simply sprinkle on some baby powder on your feet and legs. Then brush it off with your hands. It’s that simple. The sand sticks to the powder and then just falls right off. This same thing can be done with your hair. Sprinkle it in (of course, your hair better be dry or it’ll be a mess), work it around a little bit then brush it out. The sand will come out just like magic. The powder will absorb oils in your hair that the sand sticks to, giving it no place to go but out! That is one dilemma solved for this beach loving family!