• My dearest daughter has been fully potty trained for what feels like years. Okay, it’s really only been two years, but it’s long enough that we are all comfortable with it now.

    The only issues that remain are public restrooms, and wiping her own tush. Public restrooms are the absolute worst thing in the world. What child with their super cute rear ends can possibly feel comfortable in a smelly, cramped, space full of strangers and the dreaded automatic flushing toilets. My daughter has been so terrified that she will fall in the ginormous toilet hole and be sucked down by those gizmos. Not to mention that we are well passed the stage where I carry a portable potty seat with us.

    If you’re faced with this same dilemma, try carrying some post it notes in your bag. Not only are they useful for taking notes, but they also make good blockers for the sensors on automatic flushing toilets. At least this way your child won’t fear the toilet flushing while they are in the middle of their business. No one enjoys that. If your babe also fears those hand dryers, well I have no advice for you.

    Now her second problem of wiping her own bum. That has been hard. I mean, regular toilet paper just doesn’t seem to cut it yet. She does fine with number one, but boy her number twos are just not toilet paper ready. Yet. Instead we have found toddler flushable wipes. In fact, Target makes a generic brand of these that work famously. So well in fact, that my daughter has actually attempted to wipe her own behind. She is still worried about getting some on her (who isn’t) but is slowing gaining confidence that she is capable.

    Potty problem solved!