• It never ceases to amaze me the differences between boys and girls. Having one of each I feel exceptionally lucky. All of the stereotypes you hear have a grain of truth. For example, my four year old daughter cannot stand being messy. She runs to the nearest bathroom at the slightest threat of grime. My son, not so much. Ladybug plays nicely building elaborate buildings with her blocks. Monkey knocks everything down laughing the entire time. The even more amazing thing is when they mix their different personalities to play together. I’m talking playing “Fairy Princess who magically fixes things the Monkey Monster destroys.” Somehow, they manage to work in both of their preferences into one fantastical game.

    It’s tiring living inside two pretend worlds at the same time. Exhausting really.

    Some days I wish I had an imagination able to keep up with them. Then again, there are days when they are more like the water and oil I expect them to be. Sometimes dinosaurs cannot exist at the same time Tinker Bell does. Princesses simply cannot use a hammer as a wand. It wouldn’t be proper after all.

    The hardest part of these oil and water days, is that both kids want me to play with them. I struggle with giving them each the attention they want because they want it all! It is enough to make the Mother of the Year’s head spin.

    What do you do? I’m still working it out, if you have any great ideas let me know. For now I just alternate between dragons and princesses, hammers and tiaras. Then during rest time I try to remember who I really am. I sometimes even take a nap. It’s tiring living inside two pretend worlds at the same time. Exhausting really. Just keep hoping for those days when we all get along together.