• Traveling with young kids can always be a challenge.  My husband and I live here in the South, my parents are in Pennsylvania, and the rest of my family is happy in Southern California.  That means I get the pleasure of traveling a lot.  A couple of times each year my family of five heads out on an adventure to one of our glorious coasts.  So you could say that I am sort of an experienced traveler. Lots of folks get pretty nervous when driving long distances with young kids, and I don’t blame them.  We have had more than our fair share of doozies.  Lucky for you, I am here to give you little tidbits to help your summer trips go more smoothly.

    Are you ready?  You simply suction cup them any place your kids can easily reach in the car.

    One of my more recent discoveries, is that car seats don’t have enough cup holders. My kids like to play and color in the car, and they also enjoy having a drink or snack.  Their little hands can’t do it all, and I’m sure we can all imagine the fun of a toddler who has dropped something in the car.  That is where cup holders come in, right?  My daughter’s booster has a cup holder on each side. My middle son has one, and my youngest has zero.  Even my daughter and her two cup holders don’t really hold it all. Enter a shopping trip to your local dollar store!  I found cups, originally intended for use in the shower or bathtub that have a suction cup on the bottom.

    These cups have holes in them as they were designed to allow for water drainage while in the shower.   You can easily remedy any problems that might cause by slipping a plastic cup inside. Here is what you do with them.   Are you ready?  You simply suction cup them any place your kids can easily reach in the car.  Usually that is the window they are sitting next to.  But I can see my daughter in the very back of our van being able to reach some in the back of the seat in front of her.

    They can hold snacks, crayons, cars, Lego’s, just about anything that your kids might want or need while on a long car trip. Pack them wisely, and teach your kids to always put stuff back into the cups when they are done and your trip will go that much smoother.