• While at our pediatrician’s office for a well visit last week I overheard some cute new moms talking about Citrus Lane. They were discussing some product that they had received and how much they loved it. I quickly joined in the conversation. I thought the information was cool enough to pass along.

    Here is the gist. You provide the age and stage of your children, or the children you are planning on gifting. Citrus Lane then sends a box to you or whomever you have gifted.

    In the box you will find relevant products that other parents have found life saving, or otherwise really loved. Each box is hand picked each month for the exact age of the recipient.

    The lists were enormous and there were hundreds of each thing to choose from

    I think this is a fantastic gift for a brand new mommy. I remember with my first child I was completely lost as to what to buy for my baby. The lists were enormous and there were hundreds of each thing to choose from. It was completely overwhelming. I love the thought of having things picked out by lots of other moms and sent out.

    The cost of each box varies depending on how many you purchase. $25 for a single box, and that includes shipping. For six months of boxes they come to $21 dollars each.

    It’s a great gift for a group of people to give. The office, co-workers, church friends, or young family members that want to pool together and each give a few dollars to send a few boxes. What a great way to give a unique gift that is useful.