• We all know those cute little candies that come out every valentines day. The ones shaped like hearts and have words written on them. They are a valentines day tradition, a staple, it just would not be valentines day without them. I may not enjoy how they taste, but my kids sure do. And anyway, they are super cute even if they don’t taste good.

    Another cute trend these days is bunting. You can see them all over Pinterest. Bunting for birthdays, for portraits, for Christmas, for just about everything. So I thought I would jump onto the bunting bandwagon and try to make some conversation heart bunting to decorate with this Valentines day season.

    The process is simple. First gather some construction paper in pastels. You want the colors to be similar to those of the candies you are attempting to replicate.

    Next make a stencil. I used an empty cereal box. I cut a heart into the box that I thought looked like the right size and shape of the candies. Then I used the box to draw more hearts on my papers. This way all of my hearts were exactly the same size.

    When you have them all cut out use your hole punch to put holes on either side of the hearts. This will be for your string, or twine, or ribbon, to go through to make the bunting.

    Okay, now you have a bunch of hearts with holes in them. Here comes my favorite part. Using your best hand writing to write on your hearts! You can make them say just about anything you choose. If you don’t have the very best hand writing you can use and inexpensive letter stencil.

    When you have finished writing all of your words on your hearts (don’t forget to personalize them using your kids names!) it is time to hang them up!

    I used twine, but you can use anything you would like.

    String each heart by putting the string through the holes. Holding the heart, words facing you, string through the left side then around to the right so that the string goes along the back of the heart. Do the same on each heart until you are all finished. Then hang the whole thing up, using tape or a Command hook.