• The Holiday Season is upon us, and we all know that means it’s time to get into the kitchen and start baking some Cookies. We all have our favorite cookies for the season, and mine just happen to be a good shaped sugar cookie decorated with some royal icing. Simple, classic, and yummy. My biggest problem are the cookie cutters. Store bought cutters are expensive, and don’t always have the shape I want. And that is why I have started creating my very own cutters.

    For a cutter that you imagine only using for one batch, something specific to a party. You can try to make a cutter out of aluminum foil. This method is cheap and easy. It really only works for shapes that don’t have a ton of intricacies.

    Store bought cutters are expensive, and don’t always have the shape I want

    To make one out of aluminum foil grab a long sheet of foil. Cut it in half, lengthwise. Now fold your foil in half lengthwise, over and over again. Repeat until you have one long strip of aluminum foil that is about one inch tall. Use a rolling pin to flatten it down if necessary. Take that long strip and bend it and mold it into your desired shape. When you are done, staple to the two loose edges together. You should have a close and bluntly sharp edge on one side, which you will use for cutting. This type of cutter is pretty fragile, but absolutely works in a pinch. This is a great method for kids to come up with their own creations and try their hands at personalizing their design.

    You can also use an aluminum disposable roasting pan. Just cut it into strips and shape away. Staple the edges to finish.

    Another method I have tried involves old soda cans. Use caution when making these because aluminum cans can be very sharp and absolutely can cut you.

    Grab an empty soda can and cut it in half. Then cut the top and bottoms off (or some leave them on as a protective grip for your cutter). You should be left with two circle shaped pieces of can. You now have two options, you can reshape the circles however you want, or you can cut the circles to open them and mold them similar to how you molded the foil. Again, be careful not to cut yourself.

    Even more sturdy on the lists of cookie cutter ingenuity is simply starting with an inexpensive circle shaped cutter from the store. You will want to choose one that you can squeeze and the shape gives a little. Take it home and use some pliers to make it the shape you desire.

    Finally, the most labor intensive way to create a custom cookie cutter is to purchase some copper ribbon from your local hardware store. This method is best left to an adult, the ribbon can in fact be sharp. Once you have molded your shape, you will need double sided tape (specific to metal) and some clamps. Apply the tape, clamp it shut and allow it to rest enough time for the glue to mature. This method is the most difficult but it will last the longest. Personalized cookies are always more fun to eat!