• Now that the new year is here and we are all working out more attempting to stick with our New Year’s resolution goals, you might be feeling a bit of mommy guilt. You know, that guilty feeling you get when you choose to take care of yourself and work out instead of hanging out with your kids. That guilt you feel when your kids give you the puppy dog eyes when you say you need to go for that run, or get to that gym class.
    If you are a work outside of the home mom, you are a pro at dealing with mommy guilt, I am sure. Every time you leave your kids in the morning you get that pang. “Am I missing out on my kid’s lives by going to work?” It’s a brutal thing. Even me, I work from home, but when I specify a time to get my work done I always feel guilty. Every time I have to answer no to that cute little “Will you play with me?” question. It still get to me. Every. Single. Time! However, over the years I have become better at this. Here is what I have learned.

    I find it easier to deal with it, when I remind myself that I do the things I do, for my kids. I do them because I love them.

    First of all, all moms feel guilty about something. I figure it must be in our genetic makeups.

    Second, we have nothing to feel guilty for. We are working, or working out, because we love our kids! How can an action done for love be something that creates guilt? I find it easier to deal with it, when I remind myself that I do the things I do, for my kids. I do them because I love them. When I take the time to think about that, I realize that I have nothing to feel guilty about.

    Third, when I get the opportunities to spend time with my kids, I make sure to REALLY be there in that moment. When I am not working, (or working out) I make sure my kids have my full attention. That means I am not on the phone, or on Facebook. Knowing that I give them my all, when I can, makes me feel much better about the situation.

    When thinking about working out specifically I have to remind myself that by exercising I am setting a wonderful example for my kids. I am teaching them how to care for their bodies. I am also a happier person when I get my work out in my busy schedule. My body feels better, my mind is refreshed, and I feel amazing. Those things make me a better wife and mother. When I think about it like that, I should feel more guilty when I don’t take the time to take care of myself. If I don’t take care of myself who will?
    Like with most things, mommy guilt is about your perspective. If you can remind yourself why you do the things you choose to do, you will feel better about doing them!