• Browsing the nail polish aisles at the drug store you will most likely notice that the matte polishes are all the rage. Sadly for me, I have about two hundred nail polishes at home already and if I buy one more my husband might go insane. I don’t want him to lose his wits, so I have to refrain from buying anything new. We have three kids, so to say we are on a budget is an understatement! But a quick Pinterest search led me to a tutorial on how to turn any polish into a matte color. I figure I have nothing really to lose, except a little bit of time.

    Here is what I did. I grabbed my favorite color and poured a little bit onto a piece of wax paper. Then I sprinkled on a pinch (seriously, just a pinch!) of cornstarch and mixed it together with a tooth pick. Then I applied just like I normally would.

    As simple as that sounds, that is it! My nails had a perfect matte finish. I sort of assumed that I would hate it, or that it would just look silly so I did not add a top coat. Besides, I assumed that adding my usual top coat would have resulted in messing up that matte finish that I worked so hard to create. To my astonishment, adding cornstarch seemed to add a protective feature to my normal polish. It lasted more than seven days before chipping. Bonus!

    So needless to say, this was a success. A free one too. You can’t get much better than that.