• My daughter, like most kids with long hair, gets knots and tangles. Each and every day we would fight over combing her hair. Being nearly seven years old she would assure me that she was capable of brushing it out on her own, but the reality was that she mostly missed the entire back of her hair, where ninety percent of her tangles were. Of course that means that I end up spending a fortune on detangling sprays at the store. My daughter has thick hair so we were going through this stuff at an alarming rate.

    It was about a month ago when I finally had the light bulb and decided to try and make my own. I wanted something simple. Inexpensive. Something that would last us a while, and most importantly I wanted something that worked.

    After some trial and error, I came to this recipe.

    1 1/4 cup of warm water
    3 tablespoons conditioner
    Spray bottle
    Essential oils (optional)

    The conditioner I use is actually mostly scent free. Which is why I opt to add in a few drops of essential oils. Plus, some oils are just great for hair and add a ton of shine!

    Mix all of the ingredients in your spray bottle. That’s it, you’re done. The best thing about this recipe, is that if you find it doesn’t detangle enough, you can add more conditioner. If you feel like it is too heavy, add less. It is completely customizable to your hair!

    For us it works best if I spray the hair and allow it to sit for a few minutes before I comb thorough it. After being in her hair for an entire day, her hair was still soft and manageable. Not heavy or greasy at all.

    Of course, the best part is that we haven’t had any hair related tears in weeks!