• I’m in that part of my pregnancy where my normal clothes don’t fit, but I still look ridiculous in maternity clothes. It’s an awkward couple of months. Thankfully maternity fashions have come a long way in recent years and being pregnant doesn’t mean wearing a tent. Although I will allow that on some days a tent looks comfy.

    The drawback to these trendier maternity wears is that they aren’t cheap. If you’re on your first pregnancy, chances are that you won’t need actual maternity clothes until about 6 (maybe seven) months. That means you need to buy special clothes for 2-3 months. If you’re planning on having more than one child, you would be wise to purchase items that could go from summer to winter with the addition of a sweater or something.

    If you need to save money check out craigslist. I know lots of women who have found quality clothes on craigslist. This goes for Goodwill and consignment shops as well. Another money saving tip is to buy early. With my second and third pregnancies I bough clothes soon after discovering I was pregnant. Not because I was in a rush to wear them, but because the clothes I would need were off season. I discovered I was pregnant in December, and was due in August with both. Buying summer clothes in the dead of winter is always cheap. I have never purchased specific maternity underwear, although I know that it exists. I generally just buy good ole Hanes up a size. Bras are silly too, just go up a size (or two or three). Then invest in some good nursing bras.

    Check out online stores. Oldnavy.com for example has an extended maternity section online. Just remember to stay away from tents and love your bump!