• Our house has been attacked, viciously attacked by a stomach virus. There isn’t much worse than being sick except kids being sick. Their poor bodies take it so much harder than ours, and they frankly just don’t understand what’s happening to them. It’s miserable.

    After paying a small fortune in co-pays we find out that it is a virus that we can’t do anything about except let it run it’s course. Yuk. If your family gets the stomach flu there are a few things you can do to at least make the time more comfortable for the kids, and yourself. First, drink lots of water to keep hydrated. And let’s be honest it is easier to evacuate water from your stomach. Along those same lines, eat lots of ice cream. Ice cream makes everyone feel better. Not to mention when you throw up a lot your throat can be very sore. The cold ice cream can help sooth the hurt. If you don’t want all the sugar of ice cream you can always go for the sugar free popsicles. They are a big hit in my house.

    Don’t worry if your kids aren’t eating, it’s not uncommon for their appetites to nearly disappear while they feel bad. Just keep them hydrated as best as you can. You can also keep your play time more relaxed. Less running and jumping and more puzzles, books, and block building. Maybe even a few movies for good measure. Or, the biggest winner this time around, we made sock puppets from Big Daddy’s old socks. Markers plus socks equals fantastic sock puppets. Then we put together the most amazing puppet show ever. And the number one thing you can do, is if at all possible, stay home! Preferably near a potty.