• The Fourth of July is just around the corner. I have to admit that it is one of my all time favorite holidays. I love the outside, barbecues, swimming, family, friends, fireworks, and of course celebrating our freedom. My family has always done a pot luck style get together. Themed desserts were always my favorite. Red white and blue everything! The blue berries and strawberries that are at their peak make for perfect dessert decorations. Last year however, I wanted to showcase the firework portion of the holiday.

    When I think about fireworks, I think of beauty, color, excitement, and explosions. How to translate that into food? It has already been done for me. Pop Rocks! Those completely crazy candies that pop in your mouth! I always loved them as a child, and they really do remind me a bit of a fire work.

    Pop Rocks pop when they become wet, so using them can be a tad tricky. Baking them into cookies, while colorful, didn’t provide that unexpected explosion I was hoping for. The same result with cupcakes.

    Luckily for us though, they work just fine if you use them like sprinkles! That is right, just sprinkle them liberally on cookies or cupcakes that have been frosted.

    I usually take normal sprinkles and mix them with Pop Rocks for this application. Mostly because they are easily over looked this way.

    When people are expecting normal tasteless sprinkles and get a flavor explosion instead, the reaction is that much more fun.

    So I dare you, this forth of July, to surprise your kids and guests by slipping them some fireworks on your cupcakes!