• My kids’ school introduced them to a new “game.” This game made such an impression on my kids that they simply couldn’t wait to get home and tell me all about it. Then once they finished telling me, I decided that we really needed to give it a try to fully grasp its awesomeness. At first I was skeptical. Mostly it just sounded like a crazy big mess. However, with the weather being as nice as it is, I figured taking the game outside would be okay.

    Here is what you do. Fill a teacup (or other similar sized bowl/cup) up with flour. Pack it in as much as you can. Turn the flour mound out onto a cookie sheet. The cookie sheet really does help contain the mess. A bit. Next you need a small candy. Something that you can set on the mound of flour without worrying about it falling through, yet big enough that you can find it when it does.

    Okay, now you have your mound of flour with a candy sitting on top. You are ready to play. Using a butter knife, everyone playing takes turns cutting the flour mound. The goal is to cut it without making the candy fall. Eventually it does fall however, and the person who made it fall then has to fish out the candy. Sounds easy right? Here is the catch, they cannot find the candy using their hands. Instead they must use their mouths!

    At this point, I am sure you can envision the absolute hilarity that follows. Kids get their faces covered in flour.

    Mom gets her face covered in flour. Everyone laughs, it is inevitable.

    My kids played a good four rounds before getting distracted by being in the outdoors. Not bad for a cup full of flour!