• It is all the rage these days to have fun and clever ways to find out the gender of your baby. I wish there was more of this around when I was having kids, I’m sure my husband and I would have had a blast. It is fairly simple to do. When you go to your big ultrasound and the tech asks you if you want to know the gender of the baby you ask them not to tell you, but to instead write it on a piece of paper then seal it into an envelope. Now you need to enlist the help of a third person. The amount of involvement they have depends on the method you choose to do the big reveal.

    One of my favorite reveals has been the balloons in the box. I love this one because you can hire a photographer to capture your responses. I have a soft spot for a good photo shoot. Here is what you do. Take your sealed envelope to someone you trust. Have them read the results, buy pink or blue balloons depending on your baby, blow them up with helium, and fill a box with them. Have them seal the box well to ensure no peeking!

    You can decorate your box, think question marks in both pink and blue colors. Then when you are ready, maybe at a shower, or your photo shoot, open the box for everyone to see. When the box opens the helium filled balloons float out revealing the gender of your baby.

    Another fun option is the cake. Take your sealed envelope to your favorite baker. Explain to them what’s in the envelope. Order your cake the way you prefer but ask that if the gender is a boy to have the inside filling frosting to be blue, and pink for a girl. Then decorate the outside of the cake as usual. Then, when you cut into your cake you will discover the gender of your baby.

    My last favorite idea is to take a balloon and have your helper stuff some pink or blue confetti inside before filling it with helium. Then when you are ready to reveal you pop the balloon and the confetti drops on you letting you know the gender of your baby.