• Teaching kids to be clean and organized is right up there with teaching them how to use the toilet. The problem is teaching kids to clean feels like it is the most unnatural act possible. Maybe humans are born wanting to live slovenly. Regardless, getting kids to clean starts with us.

    To make it easier I try to put kid friendly storage within their reach. Target has the most amazing baskets and toy bins on the market. I used to have a bin for each type of toy, but that just got out of hand, not to mention expensive. It’s helpful to reuse things you already have as well.

    My favorite repurpose has been formula cans. By the time your child moves on to whole milk you will have tons of those cans. I found if you wrapped them in wall paper, scrapbook paper, spray paint, anything really they make cute little canisters. If yours have sharp edges, don’t forget to put some masking or electrical tape over them so little fingers and hands stay safe! Inside our canisters we keep little cars, crayons, pencils, cookie cutters, Play-Doh, Barbie clothes and shoes. Your options are limitless.

    If your coordinate your papers with your child’s room you’ll have function and style. The best part with these is that when they are full, my kids can still carry them. They have learned what goes in each one, and can actually help me clean up their rooms. For bigger things we still use the baskets from Target. I love the ones with wheels on the bottom and that stack.

    Don’t worry if the kids want to decide where things go from day to day. So long as all the pieces that coordinate stay together, I let them choose.

    Whatever gets them cleaning.