• Every year I get super excited and plan to make some epic gingerbread house with my kids.  Every stinking year (I’m a little discouraged in case you couldn’t tell).  And every year my gingerbread houses are more of a huge epic failure.  I have purchased kits, I have house shaped molds yet they never stay together the way they are supposed to or the way they look on all those cooking shows.  It is infuriating!  This year, I have derived to try something new and hopefully more manageable.  I got these ideas from other moms, who like me, got frustrated making gingerbread houses.  My favorite idea was to skip making houses altogether and instead make a Christmas tree.

    This year, I have derived to try something new and hopefully more manageable.

    To make your Christmas tree all you need are waffle cone shaped ice cream cones, some frosting, and small candies to decorate.  Spread the frosting all over the cone, including the bottom.  Press the cone onto a plate.  When the frosting dries, it will stick to the plate really well and not fall over.

    While the frosting is still soft allow your kids (or you, if you’re like me and love these types of projects) to decorate your trees.  You can use a piping bag, or in the interest of time, buy green and red frosting in the can or tube made for writing to make garlands on your trees.  Super easy, super cute!

    Another fun way to skip the gingerbread, is to use graham crackers.  Two full sheets of graham crackers (four square sized crackers) can easily be put together to make the base of a house.  Use frosting as the glue, as always.  Another two square Grahams can make a roof on your house.  Let the frosting glue set, then decorate your house as usual.

    The newest and possibly the most fun you can have making a non-gingerbread gingerbread house is to use rice crispy treats.  Make a batch with your favorite recipe. Then once cooled, they are fairly easy to mold.  My kids love helping in the molding phase, shaping their own houses just like with play dough. And again, decorate as usual.  A lot fun, very manageable and always a treat!