• Life is always better when you have a little something on the side that keeps you going.  Something that you look forward to every day.  Get your mind out of the gutter because it’s not what you’re thinking.  I’m not talking about a love affair, which is deceitful, dishonest and unhealthy.  I’m talking about a healthy alternative which, is to follow your dreams of completing a project you’ve always thought about pursuing.  Plus, you won’t have to sneak around or get in trouble for doing it. Imagine that!  Something that excites you every minute of the day but you don’t have to feel guilty about or fear losing your family, job or friends over.  Unheard-of, right? Well, not anymore!

    Remember that old script you wanted write? Maybe you had a song in mind or some grandiose business ideas or invention that you never got around to completing?  Well here’s your chance.  While most people sit around and talk about their ideas, this is your opportunity to do something about it. It’s time to embark on that project you’ve always thought about.  And since it’s the start of the New Year, there’s no better time to take this on as a part of your New Years Resolutions.  You can choose to share your idea with people close to you or you can keep it a secret.  It’s totally up to you.  My general rule is that I share only if they’re going to contribute to my project.  Otherwise, I refrain if they’re ‘Downers’ or ‘Naysayers’ since they’ll probably detract from it.

    So, how do you put it into action?  Pick your most pressing topic and physically write it in to your day-to-day schedule.  You have to commit to making it a priority to get it done every day for a period of least six months.  Then allocate a specific amount of time that you know you can afford to spend without cutting into other responsibilities.  Start off with 15 minutes a day, and commit to it regardless of how busy your schedule is.  If you do more, that’s great! Next, take notes everywhere you go so your ideas keep building on your previous day’s work.  Trust me, even if you come up with the most brilliant ideas you’ll somehow forget some of them the next day.  I sometimes forget even five minutes later.  Plus, if you don’t write it down the minute the idea crosses your mind, then you tend to lose the moment and it’s hard to recreate that thought or feeling at a later time.

    If you fear that nothing will ever come of all your work and efforts, then rest assured that nothing will go completely wasted.  Just be creative and you’ll find a way to utilize it somewhere else.  If not for your original idea, then you may be able to use it in another forum (Internet, a collaborative project, etc.).  It’s exciting to always have that escape in the back of your mind. You feel productive and it makes everything that much more fun.  After you rack up a few days of consistently working on it, you’ll feel good about what you’ve accomplished and you may even find your true passion!