• It seems like this is a popular month for babies to be born in my neck of the woods. Seems like everyone I know is welcoming their new bundles of joy. For me, that means lots and lots of gifting. Always on the look out for something special, I decided to try and make wooden blocks for a few of the new babes in my life.

    I cannot believe how fun, and easy this gift was.

    For each set of blocks you will need:
    Wood blocks
    Scrapbook paper
    Mod Podge
    Sand paper, fine grit

    How many blocks do you need? However many blocks you want to give! I like to make sure I give enough to spell the baby’s name. Or if you are unsure of the name, you can go for that good standby of the alphabet. Double up on vowels and some of the more common consonants to ensure good spelling later! You can use wood scraps; head over to your Lowe’s or Home Depot. They might b willing to give you a great price on all of the scraps of wood they accumulate! Rummage through to find the most cubic pieces you can. Or if you are more into the perfect cube, and all the blocks being the same size you can ask them to cut some wood for you. Even easier, but slightly more expensive route is heading over to your local craft and hobby store. Mine sells blank wooden blocks for about $1 a piece.
    Don’t forget to look for a coupon!

    After you have all of your blocks it is time to use that sand paper to smooth everything out. Baby fingers are soft and easily splintered, so just go over all of the edges to ensure good smooth wood. Once sanded, wipe all of the blocks down to remove any dust.

    Now is the fun part! Decorating! I love to Mod Podge scrap book paper onto the blocks. You can ask mommy the theme of the nursery for inspiration, or just use gender if you know it. Of course, you can always just use what you think looks great. You will want to cut the paper to fit the sides of the blocks as closely as possible. Cover all four sides.

    Once dry you can use stickers to add letters or if you have a steady hand you can paint them on.

    When you are finished, place the blocks into a cute little box, wrap them up and you’re done. A unique gift that mommy and baby will both enjoy!