• Blowing bubbles is one of the funnest things kids get to do outside. I have never met a child who didn’t enjoy blowing bubbles. I’m not even sure that I have met an adult that doesn’t get some kind of kick out of it (especially when others aren’t watching).

    I find that homemade bubble solution, paired with some fantastic homemade wands make for a fantastic afternoon. For the wands, just take a look around your house. Chances are you have something that will work great already. Cans with tops and bottoms removed, pipe cleaners bent into fun shapes, funnels, slotted spoons, strainers, hangers, etc. One of our favorites involves straws and string. Take two straws and a healthy length of string. Slide bother straws onto the string and tie the string to create a giant circle. The straws act as handles. This is a two person, giant bubble maker. Each person grabs one of the handles, dips it into the bubble solution then walk together and amazes everyone with these beautiful bubbles.

    As for the bubble solution itself, you can always buy some, but where is the fun in that? Especially when you most likely have all the ingredients handy in your kitchen already. Just grab one cup of dish washing liquid (we have had the best luck with Joy Ultra) and mix that with eight cups water and one quarter cup light corn syrup. I like to keep our bubble solution in a tea jar because the spigot makes for easy dispensing for little hands and fingers. For bigger bubble wands we put our solution in a large walled cookie sheet. For most others any high walled container works well. For even bigger bubbles you can try swapping the corn syrup out for some glycerin (often found in pharmacies). I’ve never tried it with the glycerin, but I am told that it makes for some spectacular sized bubbles.
    For my little family the corn syrup works just fine. Plus, I always have some on hand.