• Like most kids, mine really enjoy getting their faces painted. Dragons, butterflies, puppies, and frogs, all the things my kids have had painted on their faces. The problem is that it becomes hard to find pace paint that is affordable outside of Halloween. And to be frank, some of the face paints on the market are thick and pore clogging. Not to mention full of goodness knows what. For the amount of time we spend painting faces around here I needed and wanted something easier, and much more natural. What can I say, I like knowing what is in the stuff I put in and on my kids.

    Making homemade face paint is luckily, quite easy and most likely you have everything you need already.

    For each color of paint you need a plastic cup, two tablespoons of cornstarch, one tablespoon of lotion (I used baby lotion) and food coloring.

    In each cup put two tablespoons of cornstarch a and one tablespoon of lotion. Mix this until it becomes a paint like consistency. Finally, add  food coloring in, a few drops at a time.

    To apply you can use any small tip paintbrush of your choice. Or just be like my kids and go at it with your finger tips. This is a great quick activity to enhance dress up time. It was also a big hit at our last neighborhood birthday party. A quick google search can give you many ideas on what to paint. If that is not your thing, be like me and just wing it.