• The summer temperatures officially hit here today, getting us up well into the 90s. I was not really prepared. Just last week it was in the 60s and raining. After being outside for just a few minutes my kids were begging for some water play. I reiterate, that I was not prepared for that. Not a sprinkler or wading pool was ready to go. Sure we could have all loaded up and headed to the nearest superstore to buy one, but where is the challenge in that? Okay actually, taking my three kids to the store can be quite the challenge, that’s why I thought it was easier to improvise.

    I thought about just turning on our garden hose and letting them go to town, which of course would have been fun. Except for the fact that they would have had to take turns, and my six year old is much more skilled and squirting her brothers than they are at squirting her. This results in grumpiness.

    To avoid all that, I made my own sprinkler. Why not, it’s my back yard, and no one can see how cheap I am. I kid. This was awesome!

    Grab an empty two liter bottle. Poke holes in it. I used a nail, but you could also use a drill. I put holes all around it, leaving about a one-inch strip straight down the side,  from top to bottom without holes. You don’t have to leave a strip without holes, but I was planning a place for it to lie down on the floor. Anyway. After you have sufficiently mutilated your empty two liter with holes, it’s time to head outside.

    I have heard about people who head out to the hardware store to buy pipe connectors to attach their hose to their homemade sprinklers, but to me,that defeats the purpose of making it from scratch.

    Besides, duct tape works wonders. I just put the mouth of the hose and bottle next to each other and taped them together with the duct tape.

    Turn your hose on. The bottle will fill with water and eventually spray out everywhere you put a hole! That is it, your homemade sprinkler to save the day!