• I like to DIY things. Not really because I am crafty, or have an aversion to things that are not homemade, but more because I am cheap. I loathe spending money when I don’t have to. That is what initially led my family to cloth diapering. And once we went down that path, it was a short trip to doing our own wipes. In addition to saving money, making your own wipes is more natural, and is much less likely to irritate the sensitive skin of those sensitive areas.

    The best part is that it is really quite easy!

    Your supply list includes, paper towels, a sharp knife (you could also use and electric knife, or even a saw if you had the mind to.), a container for your wipes (I use a Rubbermaid container that is roughly the shape of a half roll or paper towels. You could also use old wipe containers, old oatmeal cans, etc.) 1 cup distilled water, 1 tablespoon baby wash of your choice, and 1 tablespoon coconut oil (feel free to use baby oil, mineral oil, or a good olive oil. I prefer coconut because it is so good for the skin.)

    First things first, cut your roll of paper towels in half. I prefer to use a thicker brand of paper towels because they hold up better. The less expensive, thinner, ones tend to fall apart. Once you get it cut in half set aside one of the halves for your second batch. I usually make them one batch, or half roll of paper towels, at a time. Pull the cardboard center out of the remaining roll.

    Warm the coconut oil until it is liquid. Then mix the rest of the liquid ingredients together. Place your half roll of paper towels into your container. Pour your mixed ingredients on top of the roll. Close the lid. I let mine sit for about an hour then turn the container upside down to ensure a complete even soak.

    When you are ready to use your own wipes grab from the center, where the cardboard tube once was.

    If you are even more inclined to you can make cloth wipes as well. The same liquid solution can be poured over cloth to make cloth wipes. You cannot get much more Eco friendly than that!