• I put off composting for years.  I used every excuse I could think of.  Our building doesn’t allow it.  I will get fruit flies. It will smell.  The real reason was that I felt it was just one more thing to manage – like a small pet only instead of furry companionship, I would be faced with the odors of rotting food.

    Then someone gave me a composting bin.  It sat on my counter for weeks until one day, I just did it.  I said enough with this and dumped in some food scraps.  That is how it my love affair with my compost began.  I found myself thinking, why haven’t I been doing this for years?  I no longer have to carry the waste over to the garbage can (obviously, I don’t have a well planned layout for my kitchen if I am carrying rubbish across the floor), I have reduced our garbage by quite a bit.  I save on trash liner bags, I feel good about throwing leftover food away because I know it will be eaten by worms one day.

    The love affair hasn’t worn off yet, although there are some realities I am no longer blind to.  Yes, on occasion I get fruit flies so, I stop composting for a few days.  The only reason I get the flies is because I didn’t put in the filter on the lid.  Point being, this is one of those things that actually has made things easier for me and better for the environment.  So if you have a thought you might want to try composting.  Jump in and recycle your biodegradable leftovers.  It is quite easy to do and will provide you with rich soil for planting.  It’s even easier than the pet fish sitting on our counter and gives us, in return, a lot more.