• A newborn doesn’t move much.  The only circulation a baby receives is when he cries and perhaps from some light kicking and arm motions. So sometimes you have to get hem moving to get that blood circulating.  Test a small area of baby’s skin with baby-friendly lotion or oil (olive, coconut, or brand of your choice). Wait several hours before you begin the massage to see if there is any reaction to the lotion or oil.

    I could list some strategies or techniques but really, the massage is intuitive.  Give your baby a massage when s/he is in a good mood and do not massage right after a feeding or you could encounter some spit-up. Massage lightly towards the heart and get the nooks and crannies of the skin folds (you might be surprised what you find there, like lint, spit-up, etc).

    Your baby will likely pass some gas when you are massaging the abdomen, which will help alleviate your baby’s discomfort. You can put your baby on his/her tummy (make sure their head is to the side so they can breathe), and massage the back side of baby’s body. Don’t forget the fingers and toes, as those parts need help with circulation in the beginning of your baby’s life. I find massaging my baby relaxes me too!