• I often hear women say how they will never admit to the fact that they dislike being pregnant. They don’t want their children to think they disliked creating them, or what not. Personally, I think that is absolutely ridiculous.

    I loved hearing their heart beat, and seeing them on that ultrasound screen.

    Here is the thing, if you do hate it, why lie about it? It is highly unlikely that your child will ask you if you enjoyed being pregnant with them. And if they do ask you this question, chances are they will be old enough for you to tell them the truth. Being pregnant is hard, it is uncomfortable. Very little about it makes you feel good, at least for very long. I’m not saying that I hated every little thing about being pregnant. I enjoyed the day dreaming about my future child. I enjoyed the feel of them moving around for the first few times. I loved hearing their heart beat, and seeing them on that ultrasound screen. I plan to tell my kids that, tell them about the parts I enjoyed. But I will not lie to them.

    Overall, I hate being pregnant. Having said that, they should know that I would do it again in a heart beat for them. That’s the beauty of pregnancy, that we put ourselves though the most uncomfortable nine months of our lives just so they could live. It’s an expression of unconditional love. I love my children so much, that I would endure something that I absolutely hate for them.

    Why is it bad that they know this little truth? When they are old enough to have kids of their own, they will learn to respect this fact about you just a little bit more. Hating being pregnant does not in any way make you a bad mom. Just an honest one.