• It is so inevitable this time of year that kids will get sick. Cold after cold, snot face after snot face. It’s almost easier just to stay home and avoid all germs. Of course, staying home until spring is completely not possible. At least not for my family. I do try to avoid public play places this time of year, but that’s as good as I can do.

    I asked several other mommies what they do to help keep healthy and here is the consensus. Always wash your hands, and don’t forget the hand sanitizer on everything you can possibly wipe it on. I’ve actually seen someone crawl up the play area at a McDonalds to ensure that it was sanitized before letting her kids play. Don’t give your kids snacks while in public places. This isn’t exactly easy either, but wise. Little hands find little germs, and food goes in the hand then in the mouth. For us, I usually just refrain from eating while at the pediatrician’s office. Keep the kids loaded with vitamin c.

    And my favorite advice: relax. It’s just a cold, and kids will get over it. In fact, it might make them better off.