• Babies cry.

    It’s what they do best.

    They cry when they are hungry, tired, over full, overstimulated, under-stimulated, when they have gas, when they want to be in a different position, when they want you to hold them, and sometimes they even cry just because it’s such an interesting sound. For new parents this can be the most trying time in life. Feeling helpless, unable to soothe this little human who trusts you to take care of every whim. When you get to that point (and you will) when you have tried everything you can think of at least twice and nothing seems to be working there are a few things to keep in mind.

    It may feel never ending, but in the blink of an eye your baby will be off to school

    One is that babies cry. And it will not hurt them to cry. There is no shame in setting your baby down in a safe place and taking a minute or two in a quiet room to collect yourself. You will be more effective helping you child with your head together than you will frazzled and frustrated. Remember that this stage in your babies life will pass. It may feel never ending, but in the blink of an eye your baby will be off to school. You can always call another friend who is a parent. Not only will they understand your frustrations, they will also have enough experience to come and help “walk the floor” with your baby. They might even have ideas that you haven’t thought of to help soothe your child.

    A mommy friend of mine once told me that when her kids were inconsolable she would take them into a warm room and slowly and methodically strip them down to naked, then slowly redress them.

    Taking extra care to make sure nothing was scratchy or pokey. It worked every time.