• One of my challenges having two older kids and a newborn baby is keeping the older two busy while I feed or change the little one. At two, my son doesn’t quite understand being patient, or that his little brother might need mommy too. My five year old is far more understanding, but I can still tell she feels left out.

    I was often told that in order to ease the jealousy, and help the older kids not get frustrated with Mommy paying attention to the new baby that I was supposed to ensure giving them a lot of one-on-one time with the older kids. I thought that it was totally doable but the reality is that it has been super hard trying to squeeze in alone time with the two older ones. I try to take every opportunity that I can to spend “alone time” with them. Yet they both seem to get frustrated when I have to step away to feed the baby.

    I try to not rely on the television to keep them busy while feeding.

    I try to not rely on the television to keep them busy while feeding. However, I will not deny that it is a quick and simple fix, which I’ve had to use as a last resort when I simply don’t have energy for anything else. Other times, we play a scavenger hunt game. While feeding, I will tell my two year old son that I need something green. It takes him a few minutes to go look around and eventually return with something. The way I see it, for him it’s a fun game, while reinforcing his colors and develops his ability to follow instructions. For my daughter, I usually send her off to find something more difficult. Something usually involving words, which she is learning to read. Both kids get involved and are asked to “help” with the feedings as well. One brings Mommy a receiving blanket while the other gets me my Boppy Pillow. Then they both get to help pat the baby on the back so he can burp, which reinforces how much they are needed.

    So far this has worked well for us, as they now anticipate the babies needs and initiate trying to help on their own. The big kids haven’t tried throwing a tantrum yet because Mommy is feeding the baby and needs their help!