• Is it just me, or is the world scarier now than when we were kids? I know a good portion of my perception is just filtered through the lens of actually being a parent now, but I cannot help but be a little paranoid about my kids. So often we hear of child abductions, kids getting lost, or just otherwise disappearing. It’s enough to make this mama crazy! Add to the mix my two year old, who isn’t the best at holding hands and staying with the rest of us.


    My family is planning a trip to Disney World soon, and the thought of one of my kids getting separated from us is on my mind. A friend of mine suggested using a BiKN iPhone case and fobs. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I shall assume you don’t either. Here is the gist. BiKN is a phone case that comes with little key chain sized fobs. The two (you can get more than one fob to link with the case) link together. You also install an app on your phone. The app can locate the fobs for you.

    The original concept was intended for finding your keys, your wallet, your purse. Things like that. But who says you can’t have your kids wear a fob on them around their neck or something?

    Now I realize this sounds a bit crazy, but think of how helpful it could be at an airport. Or the zoo. Even the park. I am thinking more about the times your kids are just separated from you, than an out right kidnapping. I don’t believe these things work for great distances. That being said however, it could be a fantastic piece of mind the next time you and your kids are in a crowded public place. Combine that with our Playdate Street Smarts for Kids, and learning to stay put when they get separated and you might just be able to save yourself (and your kids) some heart aches.