• If you have a baby eating baby food, you have probably seen those pouches full of baby food. And if you have school aged kids, you might have noticed apple sauce being sold in the same type of little pouches. Personally, I loved the idea of the portable food without the need for spoons.

    Lets be honest, how many spoons have been lost in the school lunch bag, or the diaper bag? And on road trips, the idea of feeding my kids liquid food like that in the car makes me cringe. But the food in the pouches sort of fixed that. Kids can suck their food right out of the pouch, and you’re done!  All three of my kids are capable of doing this. In fact my youngest got the concept at 7 months. I held it up to his mouth and he sucked it dry.

    Kids can suck their food right out of the pouch, and you’re done

    So, what’s the biggest problem with these packets of ingenuity? The cost! They aren’t exactly the most economical option on the market. Sure you could watch for sales, use coupons to stock up, etc. Or you can be like me and buy three Little Green Pouches. These are the same as what you’re buying in the store, but are refillable. Can I get a collective, “SCORE!”

    Now when we go on a road trip, or start packing school lunches, I just pour in some apple sauce that I bought in bulk (or some that I made) and send my kids off. It is all of the convenience with one eighth of the cost. And it does not stop at applesauce. Any type of fruit purée, or vegetable purée, even pudding goes great. Try to keep it simple and something that they’ll actually eat otherwise, you’ll be stuck  cleaning a pouch full of rotten purée broccoli.