• I find so much joy in teaching my kids about money. How to save it, how to spend it, how to give it, how to respect it. You can imagine my delight when my four year old daughter decided to prove to me that she was getting what I have been teaching her.

    The only questions she asked were what size she needed, and how much items cost

    We took a trip out to our local Kohl’s to buy a gift for someone, and she asked if she could bring her “spending” money. It was three dollars total. I figured, what the heck, sure you can! I even gave her a coupon that came in the mail that morning for 10 dollars off of a 10 dollar purchase. She was so excited to have a coupon, holy cow! She ran around saying, “I’m going to buy something on sale, then use my coupon to save MORE money!” It was endearing to say the least.

    Once we got to the store and finished up our needed purchases she proudly led us to her section. We talked about how much money she could spend total, and how the coupon worked. She must have already understood because I could tell she was growing impatient with us. So, I released her into the girls section and helped her pick out her purchase. The only questions she asked were what size she needed, and how much items cost. The tags didn’t always represent the actual cost, and she wasn’t tall enough to read the sale signs.

    After about a half hour of deliberation she settled herself on a polka dot dress, with a purple flower accent. A dress that, in my opinion, completely sums up my daughter. She did all the “math” herself, and spent a whopping $2.19 after her coupon. It was a proud parenting moment for me.