• I love craft time with my kids. I am always asking other moms for ideas on fun things to do with my kids. I am especially a sucker for a craft that has the added benefit of learning to it. In this case, it’s science. The science of magnets. Magnets are such cool things, and kids love to play with them and are extremely entertained by them(or is that just my clan?). My kids also enjoy painting. So why not mix the two together?

    My five year old is just about able to write her name using the magnet

    This exercise is totally easy, and you most likely have all of the supplies already on hand. Grab a paper clip, one for each child painting, some washable finger paint, and a magnet for each child. Place your paper clip on the center of the plate. Then drizzle some finger paints around the paper clip. Can you guess what you do next? That’s right, use the magnet underneath the plate to drag the paper clip around. When the clip hits the paint it will spread it around creating fun little patterns.

    If you have older kids, try and get them to draw specific figures or spell words. It is sure to challenge their motor skills, and problem solving skills. My five year old is just about able to write her name using the magnet, which is really impressive if you think about it, since it’s upside down, and your hand is in a strange position, balancing the plate in the air.

    At any rate, it’s a bunch of fun, educational and a great way to keep the kids entertained.