• Women get to have all the fun when it comes to having a baby.  Okay, one could argue that they also put in the most work too.  What with the whole carrying the baby for nine months, heartburn, back aches, morning sickness, and let us not forget the actual labor and delivery process.  But dads might want to have some fun and celebrate their expectant child too!

    I have had three kids, with two baby showers of my own, and I have attended a good plenty for my friends.  I opted for a co/ed shower.  I thought my husband wanted to be apart of the fun. He did. However, he will admit that the baby shower was a tortuous event.  Boring.  To be honest, he also found the melted candy in the diaper game to be of bad taste.  Forever ruining the bliss of a Snickers bar.

    If we ever have another baby shower, or if we are ever invited to another co/ed shower, I will gracefully leave my husband home.  I’m sure he will be grateful.

    What if, while the ladies measure bellies, compare birth stories, squee over baby clothes and those cute tiny little shoes, the men got to have their own “shower.”

    I’m thinking a barbecue, with beer, and all the dads, celebrating their friend joining the ranks of fatherhood.  Perhaps instead of traditional gifts the other dads can gift their wisdom.  Bring diapers.  Gift cards for take out, so that the new dad can get dinner on the table during those first chaotic weeks.

    This way, the girls get to have their traditional fun.  And play all those baby games that you either love or you hate, but you play regardless.

    And daddy gets to feel like he is being showered too.