• In my never ending perusing of the web I came across this fun idea for marbled flower planters. I originally saw it here.

    But since have seen it all over so I am not sure who the original credit goes to. However it was such a cute idea that I had to add it to our list of things to make. Not to mention the fact that my mother in law is a huge lover of flowers and gardening. I figure these cute little pots would make an amazing Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or any holiday present for her from the grand kids. Side note, they would also be great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and maybe even a fun craft for a themed play date.

    But on to the project.

    The main supply is nail polish. I didn’t have many that I wanted to part with, but it was not an expensive trip to the dollar store to pick out some cheap ones. My kids chose all the colors, two each.

    For our pots we purchased some terra cotta and plastic varieties from our local hardware store.

    Other than the nail polish and pots you’ll need a big bucket of water. The original website put all of her colors into one pot, which turned out gorgeous. But my kids each wanted a different set of colors. So instead we used a bunch of buckets half full of warm water each having its own color of nail polish inside. Each bucket was filled half full and we dumped one full bottle of polish in each one.

    Once you have your buckets ready with water and nail polish inside you can begin to dip your pots, preferably wearing rubber gloves. I let my kids handle this step completely. They went back and forth between the different buckets layering their marbled paint and creating cool designs.

    When they had decided they were finished we set them out to dry for a few hours.

    The paint took fine to both types of pots, and each took the same amount of time to dry.

    When they were finished the kids each wrote their names on the bottom and the year. The better for grandma to remember who gave each pot and when.

    To package these we plan to fill them with a few packets of seeds and some gardening tools for grandma. I think she is going to dig her custom pots.