• Airports are one of the least fun places that I can think of. Right up there with the DMV. Just like the DMV, airports are unavoidable. We taking a mini vacation to visit my parents. Fun, except for the anxiety I get when packing for four people. What if I forget Ladybug’s lovey? Or Monkey’s blanket.

    Dear God what happens if the Pillow Pets are left behind? In my attempt to make sure nothing is left behind the kids and I sat down and made lists. I had my daughter sit down and write down all the things that she couldn’t possibly live without for a week. We needed to talk through a few of them, like her dresser, on account of the fact that I couldn’t fit her dresser in the suitcase.

    If she forgets to bring something, it’s not my fault.

    With some simple adjustments I had the list of what she really needed. We taped it to the inside flap of her suitcase so we can ensure that it makes it in there to our destination and back. I’m hoping to instill some sense of responsibility for her own belongings this way. If she forgets to bring something, it’s not my fault. Way to take some of the heat off of me. I hope. Of course that is only one person out of the four that I’m packing for. I went ahead and made lists for everyone though, and put them on the inside of the suitcases just to ease my memory (or lack there of).

    Then I have to remember the actual airport itself. How do I entertain two kids and a husband and keep my sanity? I’ve started by packing some of everyone’s favorite snacks in my carry-on. In airport approved sizes of course. Plus some new small toys. Hopefully that will do the trick.