• Being a stay at home mom, and a homeschool mom, means that I get lots of opportunities to do arts and crafts with my kids. It is a great thing really, because I enjoy a good craft. I also love how much fun my kids have, and how intent they are at finishing whatever project we have.

    We have a tradition every single year to paint haunted houses with foil painting. This is another super easy but extremely fun art project for your kids.

    Are you ready for your supply list? It’s super hard.  Not!

    1 sheet of foil per artist
    Black tempura paint (you can use any color, but our haunted mansions look best in black)
    1 small squirt of dish soap
    Foam paint brush or foam roller

    Seriously that’s it.

    To get started give everyone their foil. Add a small (think half a teaspoon) amount of dish soap to your paint. This helps keep the paint from flaking later. Using the foam brush or roller, cover the foil in paint. My kids love this step. I think they just enjoy using my rollers. No worries though, as long as they are having a blast. Now they can take their q-tips and draw their houses. And ghosts, graveyards, monsters, whatever their little hearts desire. One of my favorite aspects of this project is that you can repaint the foil and draw again. In fact my kids probably paint and repaint their pictures five or six times before they decide that they are in fact finished.

    When they are done just allow them to dry. Then you can hang up to display all of their scary designs. Some paints tend to flake off of the foil, which is why I add the dish soap. It’s not a necessary addition, but if you find your paint is flakey add some to your paint.