• You are probably aware by now that my kids love art projects. Most kids do, I’m sure. It’s so bad that I feel like we are constantly out of one art supply or another. Usually paint.

    Over the years we have come up with several alternatives to regular paint just out of necessity. Most recently I tinted some condensed milk with a few drops of food coloring. I poured the condensed milk into a muffin tin, then colored each muffin hole (is that what they are called?) with different colors. I prefer my kids to use paint brushes with this “paint” because condensed milk can be sticky. Don’t get me wrong, my kids love that it is sticky, but me – not so much. The paint reacts much like a thin finger paint. But unlike finger paint, condensed milk paint will dry shiny. Any little girl will love the sheen for her princess paintings.

    My kids love to use condensed milk paint on top of drawings that they have already colored other ways to add more texture to their pictures. Condensed milk in itself is washable, but like anything with food coloring, you might want to be careful with your nice clothes. I have never had it stain anything, but you just never know.

    This is also a fun paint you can bring into your bath. Your kids can paint themselves or the sides of the tub (I hope my husband isn’t reading this) and then you can wash it right off.